The Evangelical Lutheran School in Beit Sahour hosts a variety of programs and activities to enrich student learning both in and out of the classroom. Our students have so many unique talents and skills. Our programs work to provide a platform for these skills to grow and thrive. These programs are possible through generous donation and support from our partners and staff. 

Music Therapy

The music therapy program is a special education program that supports students with music. The small class sizes provide a setting for students to practice listening, leadership and creativity. Through music therapy students learn to be patient, kind and attentive, skills that they can then apply in the classroom.

Special Education

Special education programs as the Evangelical Lutheran School in Beit Sahour help support students who may need more support in the classroom. It allows students to learn in their own unique ways. 

Vocational Training

Vocational training programs provide a hands-on opportunity for students to learn new skills. Craft has historically been common career field in Beit Sahour. Students get to learn traditional craft and practice to connect with their community as well as develop important new skills. 


The mediation program seeks to train peer leaders who can help their classmates resolve conflicts. They are trained in peace and conflict resolution. The program graduates classes each year.

Model United Nations

Students involved in Model United Nations (MUN) are trained to represent a country, discuses policy and resolve global conflict. The Lutheran schools host a conference called LuthMUN that hosts students from all over Palestine.

Career Counseling

Older student have the opportunity to learn about different career fields through talk, workshops and activities. This allows student to be better informed when choosing a career path as well as learn about the possibilities for their future. 

Community Service

The Evangelical Lutheran School in Beit Sahour uniquely values service as part of their values. Students are encouraged to get involved in their communities through volunteering and service. All 11th grade students participate in at least 35 community service hours during the year.

Environmental Club  and Education

The school environmental clubs encourages students to connect with their Palestinian Identity and take responsibility in learning about how to best care from the land. The students have a variety of planting, community and sustainability projects.


Debkah is a form of traditional Palestinian dance. The Evangelical Lutheran School in Beit Sahour hosts a student Debkah team. The team performs and competes and had been a large success locally. Debkah gives the students a physical outlet as well as a way to connect with their heritage. 


The ELS choir involves students from 5th-12th grade. The students perform at a variety of times during the school year. The choir sings music from many cultures and languages, including many traditional Arabic songs. 

DSD Program

Students at ESL learn German in school and in their 10th or 11th grade year are able to apply for a German DSD certification. Students are well prepared to take written, speaking and comprehension tests in German to achieve this certification.


Debate at ELS equips students to speak, learn and discuses a variety of topics. Students have the opportunities to work in teams to prepare debates and present and defend their topics. This program encourages skills in public speaking, eloquence and problem solving. 

Brass for Peace

Brass for Peace is a German run initiative that brings German volunteers each year to give music lessons to students. The students participate in performances during all times of the year. Students are able to grow in their confidence and talents through music. 

Cultural Exchange

Cultural exchange allows students to experience new cultures though authentic experiences. Students expand their global perspective and learn about new cultures.

Spiritual Enrichment

ELS takes pride in working with students to enrich and expand their faith. Morning devotions and religious classes encourage spiritual growth in and outside of school. ELS students practice both Christian and Islamic religions and have the opportunity to have combined classed to learn about their fellow student's religions.

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